Monday, April 5, 2010

The Great Bake-Off - Cupcakes

Sometime last year I had a brainwave (likely induced by a passing craving for sugar) that it would be fun to have a monthly bake-off event, where a theme is set and everyone who comes bakes something to the theme. We had a few in Christchurch, hosted by various people, and I understand they're still going down there. Among themes tried were layer cake, cheesecake, and most recently (which I sadly missed) was the non-baked baking challenge, where you could use anything except the oven to 'bake' your baked goods.

Anyway, I felt like Wellington was missing out on all the fun - so we have decided to host what we hope will be the first of many Wellington bake-offs this coming Saturday at 7pm... And the theme is cupcakes!

According to the somewhat arbitrary rules set by myself, a cupcake should be a single-serving size cake with some sort of icing. If you'd like to join the fun comment here or email and I'll give you the details of where to come. There is also a Facebook event for it here.

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