Thursday, May 27, 2010

I won something!

So, I enter a lot of competitions. Not a crazy amount, but if it just takes an email, or a few clicks on a webpage I'm definitely there. I haven't won that many prizes, though. Once I won $50 worth of cereal at a running event because I knew the name of Tony the Frosties tiger.

Well, this time it's another food prize, but more exciting than breakfast cereal:

It's a box of treats from Van Dyck foods, who make Marcel's blinis. I got a phone call to tell me I'd won and that I could collect it from Moore Wilson's, so it was frozen when I got it and went straight into the freezer. It included:

Two packs of sweet crepes and two packs of plain crepes. The sweet ones are delicious warmed a bit with a few chocolate buds and some raspberry jam spread on them. ;-) I haven't tried the plain ones yet but I'm thinking quesadilla-style crepes are coming up on the menu sometime very soon.

There was this big bag of blinis (usually used for canapes - basically like mini savoury pikelets) - now I just need to have a party! Hmm, not sure I could fit enough people for 50 blinis into our apartment. Better keep thinking on that front...

There were also two bags of 24 mini hot cakes - I'm not so sure what to use these for, though I guess a very desserty canape party would be awesome.

Last but not least, there were two packs of 6 hot cakes. Well, as you can see these didn't quite last to the photo stage. Hmm... They were just too good, and too easy to pop in the toaster, spread with a little butter and jam, and - hey, where did that go?

So, what would you do with blinis, mini hot cakes, or crepes if you had a freezer full? I'm in need of inspiration!

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