Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Treats from the Sweet Kitchen, Christchurch

Since I happened to be in Christchurch for Mother's Day and since my Mum may also have a bit of an appreciation for delicious things, I thought a quick visit to the Sweet Kitchen in Merivale would do nicely to mark the occasion. The Sweet Kitchen is one of those places where you want to eat everything in the cabinet, and it's almost impossible to choose. The staff are always very patient, though. ;-)

The big cakes look alluring but I can't go past the miniature ones - you get to try all the different kinds that way!

So I got my Mum a selection - and as you can see they're all quite different, and all look very alluring! Of course, as these were a Mother's Day gift I didn't get to try them - but watch the comments, Mum may give her review at some point. ;-)

The funky striped one is orange and vanilla - looks delicious (and I was present for the eating of this one and there were murmurs of approval to be heard).

This luscious-looking beast is Belgian chocolate, and I can attest to its rich deliciousness as I've had it before - it was a while back but if I remember correctly there's a smooth, dark mousse on a chocolate sponge. Mmm...

The white chocolate and passionfruit chocolate is the smallest but I'm sure makes up for its slight stature in flavour!

And the triple-layered chocolate one is another old favourite of mine - it's making me want one, just looking at the photo. No fear; I'm sure it's been properly demolished by now!

I may have sneakily gotten myself a little treat while I was there - I couldn't pass it up! This is a caramel and peanut mousse, beckoning to me in the late morning sun (yes, dessert before lunch, how scandalous is that?!?).

It was creamy, smooth, sweet, rich, the base was chocolatey and peanutty with chunky bits of nut throughout. I wouldn't have minded a stronger caramel flavour but I really have a ridiculously sweet tooth and it was very good all the same.

So, Mum, do we get your review in the comments? ;-)

Sweet Kitchen is located at Merivale Mall, 189 Papanui Road, Christchurch, ph 03 356 3500,


  1. Rich - rich - rich but so much better than pink fluffy slippers. Did in fact share three of them with your father and there were NO leftover bits.
    Biggest problem, with lots of other people in the house for the 21st birthday, was finding a polite time to wallow in the deliciousness of the cakes without dividing them into miniscule pieces. Roll on Mothers Day 2011.

  2. Glad you enjoyed them! Which one did you think was the best?

  3. Possibly the first one which i had all to myself -
    very smooth and chocolaty - but the one with orange was good, and so was the pasionfruit and so was the chocolate covered one!


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