Monday, May 24, 2010

My Favourite Workday Lunch

For all I love to eat lots of different kinds of things, in most of my day-to-day food I'm pretty boring (except maybe for dessert, which is more day-to-day for me than it ought to be but that's another story). I have cornflakes mixed with bran flakes with dried cranberries for breakfast every day, and the same lunch, and we try to vary our dinners as much as we can but inevitably with both of us working we fall back on the meals that are quick, satisfying and don't require much thought.

So what's my lunch? Well, I'm ashamed to admit it's all carbs, no fruit/vege content - but it is quick, easy, cheap, and lasts me through to the end of the workday (maybe with a mid-afternoon piece of fruit, or chocolate if I can't resist).

That's right, folks - my weekday lunch, every day (except for the occasional splurge on a bought lunch) is a bagel. And I guess there's variety, right? Poppy seed, sea salt, blueberry, jalapeno cheddar...

Because I'm lucky enough to live so close to my work I come home for lunch. Our office doesn't have a break room, just a kitchen in the middle of the work area, so this is an excellent way of ensuring I actually take a break. It also means I don't have to pack my lunch in the morning - I just take a bagel out of the freezer to defrost and off I go! (by the way, the photo is from a weekend lunch - one of those bagels is a Mr Cake bagel! I could definitely not cope with two bagels in one go)

I guess it's true - I do love my bagels. Lucky Wholly Bagels is just across the road, and that they sell their bagels by the bakers dozen for $20. And that the Wellington Entertainment Book includes a buy-one-get-one-free on the bakers dozen.

Are you a creature of habit or can you not bear eating the same food all the time?


  1. Aw I love the bagels from Wholly Bagels! :D

  2. I love bagels too! Do you have a filling that you have more often than others? :)

  3. I have the same breakfast most of the year:porridge oats soaked overnight in milk and passionfruit yoghurt with dried cranberries or chopped up dried apricots.It's along the lines of Bircher meusli.

    Oh,and there's nothing wrong with carbs :)
    I enjoy your blog,

  4. C - you'll have to come visit us then, you can look out the window longingly at it or nip across the road whenever you get peckish.

    Lorraine - I'm pretty lazy for lunch, and most days just have cream cheese or butter (I try not to have butter too often but it is soooooo good with the jalapeno cheddar bagels and the rock salt bagels). I think fresh tomato, cream cheese, and lots of freshly ground black pepper and sea salt is my favourite - simple but soooo good.

    Marie, your breakfast sounds so yummy - I might have to try it sometime. I'm not sure that I'd be very good at remembering to prepare it in advance, though... I don't think carbs are too bad - I love them too much to really think of them as naughty - but I always feel like my lunch should be more balanced, like I should have salad or something very vegetable-y. ;-) But it works for me so why not?


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