Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Ultimate Custard Square Hunt - Aro Bake (from Moore Wilson)

Today I had an errand to run in my lunch hour; I needed one of these:

Obviously my mission succeeded. ;-) I was actually led a little astray - I was only going to buy a plain stick blender, but ended up getting the attachment when I realised it has the power to blitz nuts for me for delicious cakey goodness (and I'm sure it will have many other uses - including the reason I bought it - which you'll have to wait for tomorrow to learn).

Anyway, my mission took me to the glorious Moore Wilson's, so I thought I'd see if they had any custard squares nestled among all the other goodies - and I was in luck! I believe this custard square is from Arobake, which came highly recommended by my colleagues. Slightly sadly, they only had chocolate-iced squares - which are not my favourite - and more sadly, my treat did get a bit smushed on the way home:

Despite it's slightly less-than-pristine state the custard was pretty good after my 4km run today - I got a little pre-taste while detaching the custard square from the bag it came in. ;-) Then came dinner, and then the important part: the tasting. Obviously I had to share with Mr Cake...

(a shame as it wasn't all that big). It was nice, but the pastry was a bit dry, the icing was not flavoursome at all, and though the custard was nice it also lacked a bit of flavour - not enough to make the package. It seemed to have a coffee flavour coming through - perhaps the icing was supposed to be coffee, not chocolate? Or a mixture? But it didn't quite cut the mustard.

Sorry, Arobake - I will be back to try more of your delicacies on word of mouth, but not the custard squares. Mr Cake and I both deemed this to be about a 6/10.

Moore Wilson's is located at the corner of Tory and College Streets, ph 04 384 9906, Arobake is located at 83 Aro Street, ph 04 384 5473.


  1. There was a time when Contessa Cakes supplied the most delicious cakes to Moore Wilson,they were just sublime.The current offerings from AB and Floriditas don't come close.It's so disappointing,especially the lamingtons.Re my earlier post:I haven't tasted the NW custard squares yet as I forgot when I went in to buy them,and spent good money on other things as I struggled to remember what it was that I went in for.It's a worry.

  2. Oh, that is a shame - does Contessa Cakes still exist? Google gives me nothing. :-(

    Oh dear about your trip to New World - don't worry, though - happens to the best of us! ;-)

  3. Have you tried the Denheath custard squares? Had some delivered a year or so ago....delicious!!

  4. Hehe, yes I have - just last week! ;-)

  5. FYI - Floriditas is Comtessa rebranded. Same owners and made sense to combine with their popular restaurant.

  6. Thanks Anon, good to know. :-)


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