Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Floraditas Passionfruit and Lime Lamington

Earlier this week, I posted about the cupcakes our neighbour bought me, which were correctly identified in the comments as being from Floraditas. One of my colleagues loves Floraditas and the next day she just happened to offer me a Floraditas lamington.

I actually managed to resist the urge to gobble it on the spot (I was off to the gym and lamington is definitely not my optimal work-out fuel) - a remarkable feat. But when I did finally embrace the temptation I was solidly impressed - it's definitely not your typical lamington - the cake was richer and dense, not light, and the coating was flavoursome and tangy, not just pure sugar - but I loved it. I wished I hadn't shared, it was so good! So, to my friendly commenter who recommended against these - I honestly wasn't out to prove you wrong, but I wonder if perhaps you hit a bad day? Or maybe the other flavours aren't as good - or maybe my love of tangy flavours (I like to overload things with lemon and ginger) is distorting my review. ;-) Either way, I'll be back to Floraditas for more!

Floraditas is located at 161 Cuba Street, Wellington, ph 04 381 2212,


  1. Hi,that was me !
    I have been an enthusiastic Florries patron from the first week it opened,and love many of their gorgeous cakes.I haven't ever had a lemon lamington from there though.The lamingtons I did eat had a stodgy and thickish icing and that was enough to stop me from going back for another try.Lamingtons should have either a runny icing or if raspberry,be dipped in runny jelly and then coconut.And the cake should be a sponge.(According to me,lol).

    However as you routinely feature various food that also really appeals to me,and I'm not in any way having a go at a fab and favourite cafe,I'm going to try the lemon lamington for myself.Watch this space.

  2. Hehe, pleased to hear you'll give it a second go. But I do appreciate that different people like different things - I love my cakes dense and rich, but many prefer light and fluffy, for example. So I may have been pre-conditioned to like Florries' dense lamingtons. ;-)

    I'm actually going there for the first time on Saturday, hope it lives up to all the hype (though I'm sure so many people can't be wrong!).

    I love hearing your comments, by the way - look forward to getting your feedback if you do manage to try the lamington!


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