Saturday, July 17, 2010

Arjee Bhajee, Christchurch

When I was in Christchurch a couple of weeks ago, the manic baking taking over the kitchen at my parents' place, where I was staying, meant that takeaways were a pretty good option. There's a wonderful Nepali curry place called Arjee Bhajee in Riccarton which I love, and when I lived  there it was always a favoured option for curry. My parents live on the other side of town and I had noticed that there is now a branch in Sydenham, nearer to them (I think it's actually been there for a year or two), so I suggested it as a dinner option.

We decided to get takeaway so Mum and I went to pick up the food while my two sisters and cousin frantically tried to make room on the macaron-laden dining table for us to eat. ;-)

The restaurant is pretty sparse, but works well for groups - we were pleased this chilly night to be heading back to the warm house, though!

We ordered four curries between five; there are size options and we choose the larger, which meant we had more than enough food - but it is always nice to have leftovers for lunch the next day!

The most important item on the menu, though, was the bhajee with mango chutney - these are delicious and comfort food at its best, and I cannot go to Arjee Bhajee without adding some of these to my order. The bhajee are crunchy and the onion soft, and the chutney is sweet and mildly spiced.

We got two mild chicken curries; chicken makhani and kashmiri chicken. The chicken makhani is their equivalent of butter chicken - mild, creamy, light spicy flavour - I find this pretty unremarkable but it would be fair to say I have a much higher spice tolerance than most of my family so I may not be the target market for this one. ;-)

The kashmiri chicken is a similar type curry (and looks so similar I haven't bothered posting my altogether unremarkable photo!), with a creamy, very mild sauce. Both of these are tasty.

The goat supreme is a bit spicier and has a coconut cream base. I love the spinach throughout - I prefer plenty of veg in my curries - and the goat has a stronger flavour which holds its own against the spice.

Saag is one of my favourite curries - packed with spinach, definitely getting iron from this. The Arjee Bhajee one is lamb, and is nice - I prefer this over the mild chicken. The curry is smooth and flavoursome and very hard to stop eating, especially with so much left over!

I definitely recommend Arjee Bhajee for Christchurchians - the single serve curries are all $10 each so pretty good value.

I do prefer the spicier curries; they have a lovely venison and portobello mushroom one, and some great vegetarian options, too - but I still enjoyed this meal, and what is better in this weather than a belly-warming curry? Whatever you do, though, if you go there make sure you get some bhajee with your order!

Arjee Bhajee is located at 300 Colombo Street, ph 03 337 0050,


  1. Such a great name for a curry place! I haven't been to Arjee Bhajee for years and I think I've only ever tried one of their curries: Gurkhali chicken. It was delicious and whenever I went there I didn't order anything else in case it wasn't as good!

  2. It is an awesome name! I don't think I've ever tried one I don't like, but the bhajees are my only must-have. ;-)


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