Monday, July 12, 2010

Reduced to Clear

Since we were at the airport the other day, and theoretically showing the sights of Wellington to our kinfolk I really thought we should drop into that most illustrious of stores, Reduced to Clear. For those not in the know, it's a store that sells stock close to it's use-by date, or in some cases seconds or obsolete items. We've previously discovered it can be quite good for cleaning products and things like chutneys, which can be quite expensive but aren't likely to be very affected by being a little bit older. This week, however, the emphasis instore was a bit more on the candy side of things. I may have gone a little overboard:

Oops! But the puddings will last forever (well, they won't because I'll eat them, but they'll last quite a while!), and the chocolate is nice to have stashed away for when the cravings strike - saves buying chocolate bars at the petrol station! This bundle here cost $20.21 (I think), so wasn't bad value (if you consider candy valuable - I am questioning my judgement now, looking at this photo!). I do really like having little puddings in the pantry since it stops me making a whole batch of cookies when the sweet craving strikes, and these boxes of six were $3 - much more than making my own but there's a time and a place for crappy convenience foods, I reckon. ;-)

And this is why they were cheap - but the taste won't be affected! And they're the same Aunt Betty's ones which are normally $3ish for two in the supermarket.

I'm not sure that Reduced to Clear will be incorporated into any sort of regular shopping, but I reckon it's worth popping in if you're passing and get a kick out of a bargain - though I'm going to recommend not stopping in straight after going to the gym, skipping breakfast due to your hurry, and rushing to the airport to pick up some rellies; you may find your judgement (like mine) becomes slightly clouded. ;-)

Reduced to Clear is located at 56 Kingsford-Smith Street, Rongotai, Wellington, ph 04 387 7595,


  1. That looks like the seriously yummy custard we had around christmas time. Is there a branch of this shop in Christchurch?

  2. There's the Korner Klearing Warehouse in Addington (52 Birmingham Drive). I've never actually been inside.

  3. You can buy some of the stuff from their website but not chilled goods, and the shipping isn't particularly cheap (defeats the purpose of buying cheap stuff). You'll just have to hop on a plane and come visit us - it's on our sightseeing itinerary!

  4. This reduced to clear has some really good buys -it is so tempting to push the button on the mouse!!!! Tempted to try out the Klearing Warehouse but wonder if they have baking and foodie goodies.


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