Friday, July 9, 2010

The Ultimate Custard Square Hunt - The Jimmy Cafe & Bar

Today's custard square was a bit of a surprise; I had taken the chance to pop out for a bite to eat for breakfast with colleagues (normally I would eat before work but I traded it for a run this morning, after a week of hibernation). I ordered a blueberry muffin for breakfast (pretty average, sorry), and as I was ordering I spied some custard squares over in a different cabinet, so asked for one to take away.

It's been a while since I've had a custard square to trial so I was pretty pleased to spy these. My colleagues were amused by me buying this sort of confection at 9am, though. Fortunately, I managed to shelter it from the pelting rain and got it home intact so we could have it for dessert at a much more civilised hour!

I liked this custard square, but wasn't blown away - it was very sweet, which Mr Cake didn't like so much; it had a reasonably strong vanilla flavour, which was good, and there was nothing really wrong with it - but also nothing amazing. I do prefer a fluffier icing, though. I give this one 6.5/10.

The Jimmy Cafe and Bar is located in the St James Theatre, 77-87 Courtenay Place, Wellington, ph 04 802 6930


  1. *sigh* I do wish we had Denheath custard squares here. In fact I missed out completely on eating them on my last trip!

  2. Wellington is a bit bereft of the Denheath ones, sadly - lucky I go back to Christchurch quite often! You'll just have to jump the ditch more frequently to get your fix - or figure out how to replicate them (I know I'd be all over that recipe!). ;-)


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