Friday, August 13, 2010

FINC, Wellington

There can be disadvantages to contracting; it's less settled and every time you move to a new role you have to meet a whole new bunch of people. But then again, that's also pretty cool - and you can then make lots of lunch dates with the people you did work with and eat lots of nice food (plus have twice as many friends).

On Tuesday I met up with a couple of workmates from my previous job for lunch at FINC. One of them spoke pretty highly of the fish and boringly we all ended up with the same dish - I was swayed by the crowd. But, I was very glad I let the peer pressure get to me, because it was a really nice dish; a good amount of salad, instead of chips the fish came with 'crispy potatoes', which were scrummy, salty and crispy and delicious. And the fish was fresh and nicely battered. I would probably have liked it more if it had been cooked a little bit longer; but otherwise it was great. It was $16, which I felt was pretty good value compared with similar lunches I've had - it was definitely the best fish and chip meal I've had for a long time.

And it was a lovely lunch - it's so nice to take time out of the office every once in a while and even better with great company. And - lucky me - I have two more lunches lined up for next week. I guess it's lunch season!

FINC is located at 122 Wakefield Street, Wellington, ph 04 499 2999

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