Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Free Dinner... For You?

And now for something completely different!

As part of the now-part-of-every-post-I-make Wellington on a Plate, Positively Wellington have been giving away restaurant vouchers on Twitter just about every day. On Friday I won! How cool is that? Who doesn't love winning stuff?

The voucher is a $100 voucher for PhuThai Esarn restaurant, and I'm really excited about trying out the fabulous food there (I've heard good things). But Mr Cake and I wouldn't be able to eat our way through $100 worth of Thai food on our own, no matter how good it is - so I thought it would be fun to pay it forward... With a twist.

Comment on this post for a chance for you and a friend to dine with us at PhuThai Esarn - you will of course have to put up with us through the meal, which will include me taking photos of all the food, but if you think you can handle that we'd love to dine with you! ;-) I don't mind whether or not I know you personally - but you will either need to be in Wellington or planning to visit sometime soon. We'll figure out when to go based on when works for both us and you. :-)

You have until 7pm next Tuesday (31st August) to comment. I'd love to hear from you what you like reading about/would like to see more of here, so feel free to make that the topic of your comment - or comment on whatever you like (I reserve the right to moderate anything offensive, of course!).

I'll use a random number generator to choose a comment - and since Blogspot annoyingly doesn't take your email address you will need to check back to find out if you're the winner (I'll post a new post to announce it).

So, in summary:
  • Post a comment to go in the draw to win dinner for you and a friend at PhuThai Esarn with Mr Cake and I
  • Anyone can enter, but dinner obviously has to be in Wellington
  • Entries close 7pm, Tuesday 31 August
  • Check back next Tuesday night to see if you're the lucky person!


  1. How exciting! And possibly very awkward...

    Anyway, I love your site - I read a lot of food blogs and it's great to have a regularly-updated Wellington site to visit.

    Keep up the great work! Cheers, Mary

  2. How exciting, and so very generous of you to share your prize like this! Somehow Thai food always tastes better shared. My sweetie and I would absolutely love to join you, but I'm sure there will be dozens of other bloggers also queueing up to experience dinner with the Cake family. :-)

  3. Pick me!! I'm coming to Welly-ville soon and I'm sure I can find a friend there to bring with me. :P

  4. can't let the opportunity go to waste! Have been enjoying your blog since you don't deliver to NEC anymore - that and i finished on friday.
    Also heard a comment in a cafe the other day that made me think of you - apparently the Macaron is the new cupcake - cup cakes are so last year!

  5. Awesome, I love PhuThai Esarn, it's super yummy!

    Have recently become a regular blog reader of yours, and have to say I seem to have been inspired - to the point where I actually randomly baked last night, first time in years. The funniest thing was, I had this incredible urge to take photos as I was going along, I wonder why?!

  6. I would love to come to dinner with you! I'm stoked to have finally found a prolific food blogger in Wellington, and since right now I'm laid up with the killer death flu and unable to enjoy any of Welly on a Plate, I'm having to live vicariously through your posts!

  7. Thanks for the opportunity to win dinner with you Mrs Cake and Mr Cake.

    Me and the Missus enjoy your blog - it's varied and smart, without taking itself too seriously. Keep up the good work!

  8. Hey that is fantastic, I would like to put my name in the hat, for my brother and sister in law who live in Foxton Beach. They said they would enjoy a Thai meal with you and Mr Cake.

    I enjoy reading your blogs. The restaurant reviews, recipes, and particularly the hunt for the best custard square.

  9. Thanks to all for all your lovely comments - so nice to hear from you all, and I'm sorry I can't take all of you to dinner!


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