Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Phuthai Esarn Winner!

Just a quick post (a full one will come later) to announce the winner of my super-random competition for dinner at Phuthai Esarn:

I used random.org's random number generator - seems almost ridiculous for only eight entries, but there you go. Commenter number 6, you're in luck! So who is commenter number 6?

Joanna, I hope some great Thai food will help make up for your killer death flu ruining the Welly on a Plate experience for you! Email me on mrscake.nz@gmail.com so we can work out logistics.

Thanks to everyone who commented - it's great to 'meet' those of you who haven't previously commented, and so exciting to hear that you all actually like what I write. :-) Hopefully this will be the first of many competitions (and the rest of them will probably be less weird!), so don't lose hope yet! ;-)


  1. Just discovered your blog, nice to see another Kiwi Blogger :)

  2. Hi Lisa, nice to meet you! Love your blog, too - what's the Girl's Brigade connection? I'm a GB girl from way back! Also, you've totally just put hokey pokey on my to-do list - yummmm.


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