Monday, August 9, 2010

The Ultimate Custard Square Hunt - Petit Bordeaux

We popped into Moore Wilson's on Saturday, as when I was at Bohemien on Friday I picked up a flyer for a class with Jiri Havlik, who creates the marvellous chocolates at Bohemien on the Moore Wilson's Food Heroes day (it's $25pp in case anyone is interested), and I wanted to secure my spot! Unfortunately it is very difficult to just 'pop into' Moore Wilson Fresh without being tempted... And I have next to know willpower when faced with a case full of pastries!

I noticed that in prime spot in their cabinet were some mille feuille from Petit Bordeaux, and thought it was really quite necessary that I try one in order to tell you folk how it rated amongst the custard squares of Wellington - and I have to say, it did quite well! The custard was very good, not rubbery but held it's shape; the pastry was beautifully flaky. The icing was nice, though a little thick and I did feel a bit over-sugared by the time I got through my bit - slightly overpowering - but all in all it was a pretty good effort. I think a 7.5/10 - would definitely have been higher if it wasn't for the piles of icing. :-)

I did say I have no willpower, right? ;-) They also had chocolate eclairs and I haven't had an eclair from a bakery for years, so thought I'd try one (to see how it compared to mine). Sadly by the time we got it home we had wiped most of the icing onto the paper bag (I'm surprised it wasn't completely crushed, to be honest, because we went to New World on the way home and I'm sure it got a fairly rigorous bashing around by all the bags of groceries as we walked back).

This was also pretty tasty - the pastry was nice and crisp, the icing not too sugary - and check out the filling:

That was a bonus - chocolate in the middle! It was yummy, too. The only thing better than pastry cream is chocolate pastry cream. ;-) They had a caramel one on display, too, now I'm a little sad I didn't try that, since I guess that would have been filled with caramel custard. Yum!

Do you find it hard to resist temptation in these situations? Or do you have an iron will, and just walk away from the pastry cabinet like I should? ;-)

Petit Bordeaux is located at 142 Featherston Street, Wellington, ph 04 499 8335, and pastries are also available from Moore Wilson Fresh.


  1. Was it caramel or was it coffee? My Mum used to make coffee eclairs and I understand they are more common in France than caramel would be.
    I'm a savoury girl, I can walk away from sweets but can never pass up the cheese!

  2. Hmm, good point, maybe it was coffee. Ah well, that makes me feel a bit better - I'm definitely not so excited by coffee!

    I do love good cheese and need to balance the sweets but the sweet tooth is definitely more dominant for me... But that's probably pretty obvious. ;-)


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