Friday, September 10, 2010

Burger Fuel, Wellington

Sometimes cooking just doesn't bear thinking about on a Friday night. On those nights, living just a two minute walk from Courtenay Place can be a bit dangerous. Tonight was definitely an oh-I-really-don't-feel-like-cooking night.

Burger Fuel to the rescue! This happens to be on the corner opposite our gym, probably about four minutes from our door - dangerously ideal.

My friend Belinda introduced me to Burger Fuel a couple of years ago in Auckland (when I flew up for two days to do the Wilton cake decorating course at Milly's!), back when I was vego, and I was impressed by their veggie burgers - they actually have three options, which any vegetarian will tell you is pretty impressive.

 I'm also pretty impressed by their kitchen - open for all to see, neat and clean and operated with precision. Despite being pretty busy the order turnaround is pretty quick - about eight minutes, and since they cook everything to order that seems speedy.

Despite the veggie options tonight we went for a meaty option; the Waygyu burger - Waygyu beef with cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, salad, aioli and relish. This is pretty good, as burgers go, and big enough to split between us. I am a sucker for caramelised onions and they go oh so well in burgers - and the beef is really good for burger pattie - a touch of pink and not even a little bit dry. Burger Fuel have these handy "Doofers", which fold into a crescent and hold your burger together while you eat it - which is more useful than it sounds.

We got three sides to go with our burger - which I guess really means that half a burger would be enough for anyone! ;-) But the burger really is pretty generous. The chicken fenders are tenderloins seasoned with garlic, rosemary and sea salt and are beautifully tender and I love the salty seasoning. They come with either lemon aioli or yoghurt relish dip but I prefer them on their own. We got some spud fries with aioli, and I am a definite fan of these - the fries are always crispy and perfect, and the aioli is creamy and good. Our last side was a box of "Motobites" - pumpkin, cashew nut and ginger bites. These were really interesting (in a good way!) - flavourful, nutty, with a lovely crispy crust - lovely little morsels.

And while you're eating your delicious-if-not-altogether-healthy dinner you didn't have to cook yourself you can read the quirky packaging. Perfection!

Burger Fuel is located at 101 Courtenay Place, Wellington, ph 04 801 9222 (and in various other North Island and Australian locations),

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