Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Foodie Links for NZ

So, I keep meaning to do some baking, but I keep getting distracted. First, it was my annoying cold. Then this:

(I can't stop reading about it - still seems strange. I feel for all you Christchurch people and the seemingly neverending aftershocks)

Then, silly old work got in the way:

(nothing like a day's work in another city to suck all the daylight hours out of life - I definitely didn't feel like baking after dragging myself home this evening)

So I promise tomorrow I will bring you actual food, from my own kitchen, and it will be yummy (or had better be, else I shall be grossly disappointed). Anyway, in the interim I thought I'd bring you some NZ foodie links - stuff that I like and therefore you might also.

First up, for the custard square lovers amongst you, and I am sure I have sung their praises many times before now, but Denheath custard squares are deliciously decadent, and come in different flavours (chocolate, coffee, passionfruit - they're all fabulous) as well as the classic vanilla. And all delivered to your door, frozen, for you to defrost at your whim (or all at once when they arrive, followed by some rapid-fire gluttony - you choose!).

Chocolate Brown chocolates are among my favourites and are available from their online store - super yummy caramels, and they seem to be fond of milk chocolate so obviously that makes me a fan. ;-)

And, though it's very pricey (each $4 bar is about 15g, if my memory serves me correctly), Nature's Gold raw chocolate is a different but fabulous way of getting your chocolate hit. Very rich, packs a powerful punch, and without all the additives - so can be good for special diets, too.

Sabato have a ton of fabulous gourmet foods - Valrhona dutch process cocoa, anyone? How about some snails or foie gras? So many yummy things. The problem with this kind of store is managing to complete your order without buying a ton of awesome-yet-not-entirely-practical foodstuffs.

Usually we walk to New World (barely a block away) to do our shopping but every once in a while we buy online from Countdown/Woolworths. It is a pretty handy service and I have been impressed so far - perfect if you don't have the time to venture out... Or just don't feel like it!

For cooking/kitchen tools and cookware, Milly's has a big range and post NZ wide (though postage is pretty pricey for small orders, especially to the South Island). In the cake-specific category, Kiwi Cakes, Cake Stuff and Torte NZ all offer lots of different tools and bits and pieces, with delivery being pretty low-cost.

The best part of any of these, of course, is getting a package in the post - definitely one of life's little pleasures.

Do you have any to add to this list?


  1. I also can't stop reading earthquake news, I'm checking whenever I have wireless. It's compulsive! On a foodie note... is a great kitchenware site. It's a Tauranga-based store and they have great prices and frequent sales/specials. Good for "kitchen investments".

  2. Oh yes, Tablepride is great. Got some Christmas presents for my sisters from them last year, they were much cheaper than the shops. :-)


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