Saturday, October 23, 2010

D4 Cafe, Featherston Street, Wellington

There are a slew of websites offering daily deals now - GrabOne, 1-dayout, Groupy. All of them offer deals each day for various locations around the country, often for eateries and always with a big discount on the normal price for the item. I am definitely a sucker for a good deal - my presbytarian upbringing, maybe? ;-) - so I check these and pounce whenever I see something that looks good. A while back I spied a deal for D4 for $30 of food and drink for $10 and that's really not the sort of offer I can pass up, especially since D4 is pretty close to mine and Mr Cake's respective workplaces - perfect for a Friday lunch.

D4 is a pretty funky restaurant, upstairs on the corner of Featherston and Brandon Streets - very handy for many of us worker-bees, and it always seems to be pretty busy. When we arrived there were a couple of large tables set up and several others booked, so we were glad we were dining at 12 - by the time we left there weren't many tables left!

We were served promptly and the server was friendly and helpful. I asked for fries as I was super hungry and the waiter asked if we'd like everything together or the fries first - great service! 

Hmm, do you notice a theme here? Oops! I like fries - but not that much! What happened was I ordered the haloumi, which came with a spinach, olive and creme tart, and thought fries would help fill my starving belly - but just after we ordered the server came back and told me they were out of haloumi. My ridiculous menu selection process means I usually know what my second choice would be (I generally work backwards, eliminating what I don't want) so I knew that the next most appealing option was the lamb burger. What I hadn't realised when I told him that was that the lamb burger (and the sirloin Mr Cake ordered) both came with fries anyway. Oops...

We weren't overly impressed with the food - it was okay, but nothing special. My burger rather oddly had a significantly larger (oval) bun on the bottom than on the top. The lamb pattie was nicely cooked, though a little thick (I have a pet hate of burger patties which don't go all the way to the edge of the bun). Mr Cake's sirloin was a bit gristly but the bun was very tasty. And the fries? Well, they were good. Not quite good enough to get through quite that many, though!

We were happy with our meal - though the food wasn't amazing the service was good, and it was a speedy meal, which we like for working lunches. With our voucher the total bill to us was $20.20 - pretty good value! I think the voucher sites are a great way to discover new favourite spots - what about you? Have you used the sites? What deals can't you resist?

D4 is located at level 1, 143 Featherston Street, Wellington, phone 04 910 8216,


  1. I've snapped up a few deals at some of the sites. Usually for massages, beauty treatments and the like.

    I'm tempted by a lot of the deals, but I have to nearly always stop myself and talk myself through whether I really want (or need) a half price pass to the bowling alley.

    Most of the time I can justify anything if I try hard enough ;-)

  2. I know what you mean about having to stop and think - they all seem such good value! But it's not value if you don't actually get value out of doing it. :-) I also know what you mean about being able to justify anything if you try, though!


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