Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eat So They Can

This morning we popped down to City Market, as we sometimes do of a Sunday morning (not often enough but I always end up spending money on things I shouldn't so probably just as well!). This morning the Hippopotamus Restaurant were in the kitchen, with all proceeds going towards the Eat So They Can efforts of a local group.

I got three yummy macarons for $5, and also picked up an interesting DVD. The concept is really cool - people host dinners, and the guests pay for dinner but all proceeds go to the charity, which supports women and children in areas of need across Africa, Asia and South America - check out the website for more info, there are a few different 'causes', all very worthwhile. 

A friend of mine is hosting an event at Base in Christchurch, which sounds fabulous and worth far more than the $25 you'll pay for the privilege of dining out - you'll get a three course meal, a drink, and a raffle as well as a fun night out.

Mike from Tuesday Night Dinner at Mike's is also organising an event, here in Wellington, as well as the "Raffle of Deliciousness" - pop over to his site for more info on that. If you're elsewhere in the world check out the Eat So They Can site for info on what's happening in your city - or organise your own!


  1. Awesome blog and I love those maccaroons!

  2. Thanks Emma. :-) They were pretty tasty!

  3. Yay! An even in Wellington!! I seem to miss most events in Wellington, perhaps I don't pay enough attention. The Macarons look delicious

    Becs @ Stiletto Studio

  4. What a great idea! I wonder if we could do that here? :)

  5. Lorraine, I'm pretty sure you just sign up on the website - there are events all over the world. :-) It is an awesome way to fundraise!


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