Friday, October 8, 2010

The Great Bake Off - Nuts

We've had a few of these fun parties where we choose a theme, everyone bakes something to challenge themselves, and then we all gather to eat... And enjoy each other's company, too! Past challenges include cupcakes and bread.

This time around the bake off is being hosted by Oakley and Fred, and the theme is "nuts" - so many puns I'm sure I could bandy about but I'm sure that would drive you all nuts mad so I won't. ;-) It's next Saturday, October 16th, from 3pm, so will be a very civilised afternoon affair.

Anyone is welcome to come, so if you're keen email me ( and I'll give you the location details. There are sooooo many things you can do with nuts I know I'm going to struggle to narrow it down to one choice - I'd better get my thinking cap on!

What are your best nut recipes? (feel free to keep them to yourself if you plan to come and don't want me poaching them!)

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