Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wholly Bagels, Wellington

Monday was one of those oh-I-so-don't-want-to-even-think-about-cooking days. Actually, this probably was linked to me spending pretty much the whole afternoon in the kitchen making custard squares and Tim Tam truffles and a couple of other things - by the time it got to dinnertime I was so over preparing food we thought we'd pop out for Subway. I haven't had Subway for aaaaaaages but - tragedy - when we get there they're all out of Italian herb bread! The horror... I don't know why I care so much, but I decided I could not possibly accept any of the other options so we thought we'd look elsewhere. We're pretty spoilt for choice, living where we do, so it wasn't an exceptionally rash decision - am I crazy?

We settled on Wholly Bagels, as we adore their 'naked' bagels - you can buy a baker's dozen for $20 in delicious flavours, so we usually have a stock of them in the freezer for easy lunches. They also do filled bagels, and gigantic pizzas. We decide to eat in, even though our apartment is just across the road. This way they'll clean up after us, too! ;-) (there is something rather luxurious about not having to lift a finger, isn't there?)

We opted for bagels, and I have a yummy sounding Tuscan one with aubergine, mushroom, mozzarella and pesto. The fillings are yummy but overall it's a bit dry and lacks cohesion. Fills the hunger spot, though. Mr Cake chooses a bacon one with lettuce, tomato, red onion and mustard, and again while it's fine it doesn't quite have the magic going on - though the jalapeno cheddar bagel he puts it on is pretty tasty! The bacon is more like ham, I think - I'm not sure quite what defines the difference but this isn't at all crispy or bacony.

Wholly Bagels make delicious bagels, and they always seem to be buzzing when the pizza oven is fired up so perhaps we made the wrong choice - I think maybe we'll stick to buying them 'naked' from now on. Still, it was nice not making dinner or clearing up afterwards! What's your local go-to when you want a night off cooking?

Wholly Bagels is located on the corner of Tory St and Wakefield St, Wellington, ph 04 801 6011,


  1. I would have tried the pilgrim or the woodstock. A bacon bagel is a little on the boring side.

  2. You should try the pizza there sometime - got a NY size pizza takeaway the other night - delicious. And the novelty of them being so large somehow adds to them being more delicious...not sure how though!
    I usually go to Satay Palace on Cuba Street when I can't be bothered cooking.

  3. Anon, we were going for low key and the salad aspect of the bacon bagel appealed - sometimes simple is best, you know? :-) But I guess we know for next time.

    Jen, thanks - we were trying to figure out whether the pizza or our table would have been bigger had we ordered a NY pizza, and the pizza would have won - those things are huuuuge!

  4. I think we may live in the same building...and take it from me, if there are 2 of you, along with an NY pizza box in the same lift, it's a pretty tight squeeze

    But a tight squeeze which is well worth it. I enjoy the WB pizzas. No deep dish rubbish, laden with heaps of toppings there.

  5. Kaz, I imagined the lift scenario and have to laugh - we have watched people negotiate the giant boxes through the door of WB, and can imagine they would fairly well fill our cosy lift! Will have to go for pizza next time, everyone who has tried it seems to love it. :-)


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