Saturday, November 6, 2010

Smores... Sort of

I'm working on something pretty big this weekend, which I'll write about either tomorrow or Monday - but in the meantime a short psuedo-recipe...

As last night was Guy Fawkes we were invited to a friend's place to watch the fireworks (with a great view from the hill and the option of viewing from the warmth of inside when it got too chilly). We went straight from work to dinner at Capri to our friend's place so wanted to grab something quick and easy from the supermarket. I hit on the idea of smores - they seemed to fit with watching fireworks in the dark, and even though there wasn't a campfire I figured they work pretty well in the microwave (though even messier). In fact, I'm fairly sure that I've never had them anywhere near a real campfire.

My understanding is that the American graham crackers which are supposed to be used for smores are basically what we call digestive biscuits (such a delightful name, conjures up all the right mental images!), and conveniently you can get digestives that already have a coating of chocolate, so all you need to add is marshmallow. I also hit on the idea of seeing how mallowpuffs work out - everything is already combined in one biscuit, how convenient is that?

As it happened our friend doesn't have a microwave but the oven works as well (a bit slower but less explosive) so I laid out the biscuits and marshmallows in a dish and popped them in. They were perfectly melty just before the fireworks began so I put them on a plate and we took them out to enjoy along with the show -  messy but gooey good. I like the digestive biscuit ones more but they're too big for one person, really, whereas the mallowpuffs are a good size - either way, a very sugar-high, delightfully messy kind of treat. Delicious!

And as for the fireworks - well, not sure my point-and-shoot really does them justice, but they were pretty impressive.

Did you watch the fireworks?


  1. Graham crackers are _similar_ to digestive biscuits, but just not quite the same - a good substitute, though, as I've not been able to find graham crackers here! also, I'd avoid the pink marshmallows if you want to be a purist, and use (what I'd normally avoid) hershey's chocolate (which you can find here sometimes. But hey, authenticity isn't necessary when it comes to sugary treats! Thanks for the childhood memories! I just learned that the history behind graham crackers is a bit...odd:

  2. Thanks mrlew1! Interesting that they're not quite the same - and interesting background! I have seen recipes for making them online but it seems a bit silly for this kind of thing.

    I am intrigued about the no pink marshmallows thing - one of the others at the gathering we were at commented on marshmallows not being flavoured in the US. I love the pink ones, though. ;-)


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