Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Christchurch Restaurants (and other foodie places)

I was chatting to Tim Hunter, who is CEO of Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism, at Wellington on a Plate for Christchurch on Sunday night, and he was talking about what a hard time this is for Christchurch restaurants - of course, it's hard for everyone, but I thought of this tiny little thing that I can do which maybe will help: set up a list of foodie places that are open for business, and give re-opening dates for those who aren't.

Sorry for all you non-Christchurch folk, for rambling on about the quake in every post, and taking huge blog-breaks - I promise I'll be back to baking very soon - but in the meantime, if Cantabrians want to check out where to eat (and if you have info on favourite restaurants etc. please also let me know).

I've tried to focus on restaurants in areas that are most affected - since there are thousands of places to eat in Christchurch and some areas are fairly unaffected.

At this stage most of the CBD is still cordoned off, so the state of many businesses is fairly unknown - rumours are flying about which buildings still exist and which don't. I am scared for Dimitri's, on Cashel Mall, for Yamagen, a great teppan yaki restaurant in the Crowne Plaza hotel - and for many other much loved eating spots in the CBD - but at the same time, it's amazing to see the ways restaurants are working around the challenges presented to them - Johnny Schwass, for example, is now billing his restaurant location as "To be confirmed, Potentially your place, Anywhere in Aotearoa." You can come to mine anytime, Johnny. ;-)

So hit up the list if you're in Christchurch and after a good feed, and let me know if you know of others to add to the list. And tomorrow, I promise: baking.

Christchurch post-quake food guide


  1. Hi - if you havn't seen already take a look at http://www.dineout.co.nz/forum.php?read=14114&mjump=0 has some updates on chch restaurants too

  2. Rotherhams of Riccarton is open, La Porchetta at Riccarton is not.

    Oh I never saw a post of who won the frozen treats you had as your last competition. Is that up somewhere.

  3. Great idea Rosa. In the paper today it said Saggio will be rebuilding on the same site.

  4. Tom and Chloe, thanks - great to see the discussion going on and some reassuring news from that forum. I'm working through adding those to my list and will keep an eye on it. :-)

    Rose, thanks. The competition draw was a couple of days ago (only a couple of posts ago) - sadly you weren't lucky this time though. :-(

    Becs, thanks, I'll add that update too - glad to hear they'll be rising from the ashes!

  5. Hi Rosa. A quick update - Under the Red is now "After The Red" and Mandy and the team have set up in the small house behind the old cafe site. (The old site now a very empty space with the old cafe having been demolished and removed). It possibly has NZ's smallest commercial kitchen, the coffees are served to go and the food on paper plates. But it's all at UTRV's usual quality of really well done food and coffee, and it tucked away as it is you really feel like you've found somewhere no one else knows about. Four stars...

  6. Thanks Kylie - sounds great, well done them! :-)


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