Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hairspray and Cacao Green Frozen Yoghurt, Melbourne

This time last week we were at Hairspray, the musical - not all our holiday activities are food-oriented. ;-) Just most of them! Anyway, we'd booked to go to Hairspray and it was absolutely fantastic, we came away just about dancing down the street (actually, one of the songs is used often in one of my gym classes, and I found it especially hard to sit still while they played that one!) - the set was great, the cast was great, the music was great - my only complaint would be that the ice-creams at half time were $5 each - at current exchange rates that makes them almost NZ$7 - but that worked out to our advantage too.

Instead of succumbing to overpriced, average ice-creams at the theatre we held off till afterwards - you see, we'd already discovered a fabulous wee frozen yoghurt store on Swanston Street, and it was on our way home. Much better! 

It's pricey - I think it was $9 for our cup of yoghurt, though this is a generous two-person cup so it was still cheaper than ice-creams on sticks would have been! We also chose toppings - they have a selection of fresh fruit as well as little pieces of cheesecake, which I couldn't resist trying (they were nice but I think fruit works better, FYI) - and the toppings do cost extra. They do have a smaller option if you want a single sized serving, or an even larger one if you, like one of my friends, consider a 1kg pottle of yoghurt to be snack-size. ;-)

And the yoghurt? Tangy, refreshing, delicious, everything you want frozen yoghurt to be. They have vanilla, strawberry and matcha (Japanese green tea) flavour, though sadly we didn't get to try matcha as they only had vanilla left (we tried strawberry the first time). Both the vanilla and strawberry were very good, though - if only Wellington had a late night frozen yoghurt vendor! We both liked the strawberry best, but vanilla was very yummy with lots of berries on top. What would your pick be?

Cocao Green is located at 285 Swanston Street, Melbourne, www.cacaogreen.com.au


  1. I looove ice cream, but hate how overpriced it can be at places like theatres, music festivals, tourist attractions (payed an indecent amount for a shaved ice at the Parthenon, would've expired from heat otherwise though).

    Glad you enjoyed Hairspray, it has some really cool music. Jealous!

  2. I'm sure Parthenon shaved ice is worth every penny. ;-)


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