Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beehive Cafe, Thorndon, Wellington

This post was originally written for the Makan Blog Squad. Mr and Mrs Cake dined anonomously courtesy of Malaysia Kitchen.

The Beehive Cafe is a surprising name for a Malaysian eatery (or so I think) - and indeed, at first look it appears more like a run-of-the-mill sandwich shop, with lots of cafe tables and some display cabinets. Our visit was in the evening – very handy to my work, so an easy on-the-way-home pit stop – and there weren’t many other punters, but it is apparently very popular with the lunch crowd.

We ordered a couple of very yummy-sounding appetisers and a main each, and the servers were very friendly and helpful. After a very reasonable wait (only about 15 minutes) all our dishes arrived.
The mini murtabak were little parcels of deliciousness, basically like roti samosas, with a nicely spiced lamb filling. There was also a wonderful satay dipping sauce, and though not overly peanutty it had a wonderful warm flavour that went wonderfully with the wee parcels.

Our other starter was a dish which combined chicken with lovely fresh salad veggies – and dull as that sounds was really tasty. It was topped with a zingy sweet chilli sauce – I’m not a huge sweet chilli fan but this was very flavoursome, not too sugary. Though this was an appetiser it was a generous portion and would make a perfect light meal option – it would be a great alternative to curry.

My rendang was very good, with a very complex spicy flavour and just a little bit of heat. The beef in it was well cooked and not tough (as I’ve often found in that kind of dish) – and the sauce was so good that I kept nibbling just a little more well after my belly was full.

Mr Cake ordered the fish sambal, which was a firey red colour, and as ordered was nicely hot, though not mouth-burningly so. It was a little sweet and had chunks if fish through it, though the fish wasn’t great – the dish was good but paled next to the rendang. Mr Cake adores roti so we couldn’t not try Beehive Cafe’s version, and it was fantastic – fresh and chewy and not too oily.

All in all we thought it was fantastic – it’s only open till 8pm so a good option for lunch or an early dinner, and being up by Parliament means it’s not in the prime evening eating zone – but we’ll definitely be back for more of that rendang!

 Beehive Cafe is located at 100 Molesworth Street (Molesworth Arcade), Thorndon, Wellington, ph 04 473 3370

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