Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christchurch Restaurant Update

There are a fair few restaurants on my list now - and many more, I'm sure, who are operating under amazing circumstances. The most recent story of triumph I've heard is of Under the Red Verandah - a lovely cafe in Linwood with a striking red verandah. Though the cafe was badly damaged on February 22nd, and has since been demolished, the team have turned a small house next door into their temporary premises, dubbed it "After the Red Verandah" and continue to churn out great coffee and food (so I am told). I love those stories!

Please do keep emailing me (mrscake.nz@gmail.com) or commenting here to let me know of any other places which should be on the list - it's good to know where all our favourite haunts stand. Likewise, if you're wondering about somewhere comment below - someone else might be able to fill in the blanks. :-)

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