Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easy Dinner - Roast Vege Medley

It's definitely getting into hibernation season, with the Wellington winds beginning to make themselves more known. That means it's time to whip out the soups and baked meals - and roast veges seemed like a great way to start - only takes as long as it takes you to chop vegies, you can do it with whichever vegies you happen to like/have, and then you just leave it in the oven for a while and eat. How easy is that? 

We used a big variety - I know this isn't a hugely balanced meal but at least it's nutrient rich. I like to have the tomatoes and capsicums in there for the non-starch aspect, though my favourite to eat is kumara. Mr Cake looooves roasted beetroot - really it's all good, though (and even better if you make double - the next night dinner will be unbelievably easy!). 

Once the vegies are chopped a little bit of olive oil helps get the flavour happening, and balsamic vinegar also adds magic. You can add herbs to your taste - a couple of sprigs of rosemary would be great, for example - and having some onions and/or garlic roasting alongside everything else gives it a boost, too (and I love the slippery, caramelised pieces of roast onion, yum!). Add a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper and bake at 180 C until cooked through - ours took about 30 minutes. The smaller you cut the vegies, the quicker they'll cook. ;-

A hearty, belly-warming and flavoursome winter meal! Have you started in on the winter dinners yet, or are you willing away the cold by sticking to lighter food?


  1. Only works for a second night if the leftovers are wrapped in gladwrap so they cant be easily removed each time the fridge door is open. Oh - and some of us have to add the time to go to the garden and pull up the carrots, beetroot, dig the spuds, pick a pumpkin. No success yet with kumara.

  2. I sprinkle the veges with a little chicken stock powder before they go in the oven- not so good for vegetarians but very tasty! Jacqui

  3. A sprinkling of pomegranate molasses also makes a pleasant change.

  4. Mum - ah yes, actually I'm not sure gladwrap is enough - too easy to sneak fingers under. I used a plastic container with a lid.

    Jacqui, must try that - sounds interesting!

    Fishwife, that sounds tasty - you may think this sacriligious but I haven't actually tried pomegranate molasses, though I have heard many people raving about it - perhaps it's time I got some!

  5. May have to use plastic containers now - your father has just taken all my gladwrap to put around a client's chimney to stop it falling down - this is a brick chimney that has been rebuilt AFTER the september 4 quake.


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