Friday, July 8, 2011

The Wellington Waterfront Baker

Mr Cake and I take the walking bus to work every day, and our bus has a particularly scenic route:

Of course, we do live in Wellington, so it doesn't always look like this, but I quite like the choppy days and gusty days as well as the sun-is-shining-and-all-is-well-with-the-world days. Just don't talk to me about the sideways rain days. ;-) 

Lately there's been an extra appeal - as well as the views there's a friendly face at the end of the bridge by Frank Kitts lagoon, and guess what? He sells his baking each morning!

He has a basket full of sweet things (though by the time I make it to him it's usually nearly empty; in fact, last Friday I headed off to work intending to buy a cookie and take his photo so I could tell you about him. I paused to take a photo of the view before wandering over to see him, and when I turned back towards him he was gone - sold out! So get in early) and is always bright and cheery and friendly to passers-by.

Usually he has cookies and something special - on this day the daily special was a pear and chocolate tart, though I was way too late to be lucky enough to nab one of those. :-(

He bakes all the goodies himself - he tells me his parents have a restaurant in France so he learnt his craft from them - and everything seems to be amply proportioned and good value. So far I've tried a cookie and a brownie - the cookie was delicious, chewy and sweet. The brownie was nice, perfectly textured though not as chocolatey as I'd hoped, but it was an enormous piece and certainly helped give me the energy burst I needed to get through the working day today. The only problem is that purchasing delicious things on the way to work puts me in the mood for eating from when I arrive, and it's all I can do to fight off the munchies until 10am!

I love that this guy gets out there every morning to make all us grumpy worker bees just that bit happier about starting the day. Do you have any daily temptations you find hard to resist?


  1. oh this makes me miss Wellington (i;m now living in Dunedin) - i used to work at Te Papa and so my morning walk to work would include this too - so beautiful.

  2. How early do you have to get there to get some of his baking? Very entrepreneurial of him!

  3. Can't help but wonder if its legal?

  4. Georgi, it's stunning, isn't it? Can't beat Wellington on a good day...

    Shirleen, we probably pass him about 8.20 most mornings, I don't know what time he appears but he doesn't usually have much left by then!

    Jess, I think he enhances the waterfront and it would be sad if red tape meant he couldn't do what he does. :-)

  5. Shame that I'm rarely at this end of town at that time but I'll be sure to look for him next time. Got to give the guy credit for his enterprise.

  6. I know what you mean about starting on the sweet stuff early, you just have to keep topping up through the day!

  7. What a cool guy. Pear and chocolate tart, too, he clearly knows his stuff! I work pretty close to the waterfront but don't walk along it - might have to make a detour...

  8. Domestic Executive, yes, gotta love young entrepreneurs! Especially when it's clearly got benefits for those of us passing by as well. ;-)

    Peasepudding, it's a curse - nothing worse than a morning tea shout to give me munchies all afternoon as well!

    Laura, I know, I love the chocolate/pear combo - was so gutted to see he was sold out.

  9. This post makes me so happy. What a bringer of joy - not just enterprise if he's good at what he does he's contributing to the happiness of workers! I hope he doens't get caught in red tape. People can choose to partake if they want to and if they don't want to then all is fine.

  10. I know, he always brightens up my day! Such a friendly face. :-)


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