Saturday, August 13, 2011

The New Zealand Chocolate Festival and Wellington on a Plate Masterclasses

Both the New Zealand Chocolate Festival and the Fisher and Paykel Masterclass are inaugural events as part of Wellington on a Plate. I attended the opening of the Chocolate Festival yesterday (and will be going back tomorrow - I'm committed to the cause!) and it looks terrific - there are six elements to the festival, including a bevy of chocolatiers from all over New Zealand, with many of my favourites in attendance (it was embarrassing how many of them recognised me from my frequent visits). There's a chocolate fountain (naturally!), chocolate tasting sessions (very informative) and demonstrations - that's if you can pull yourselves away from the chocolatiers and their various samples and wares.

The good news of today is that, although all the weekend sessions sold out on Wednesday, there are limited door sales depending on venue capacity - so if you're free tomorrow aim for a time you think will be quiet and you might be able to go. The session times are 10-2 and 2-6, and door sales are $25. Mr Cake and I have tickets for the afternoon session, so might see you there (I'll be the one wading into the chocolate fountain!).

I think it's great value for money, and of course there's lots of chocolate to be had which surely is all you could ask for in your weekend entertainment. ;-)

Also announced this week was the release of single-issue Masterclass tickets - so if you have an hour free on Friday, have $50 to spare and want to catch Chef Wan, Justin North, Al Brown or Martin Bosley (among others!) ring Ticketek (0800 Ticketek) to book your spot!


  1. Chef Wan as in the Malaysian chef? Haha awesome.. I remember watching him on tv when I was little..


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