Thursday, September 10, 2015

Salted Toffee Crunch

Have you tried Daim? It's a candy common in Europe (marketed as Dime in the UK, I think) which consists of addictively crunchy toffee covered in a thin layer of chocolate. It is amazing!

This recipe is both nothing and everything like Daim. It tastes pretty similar (which is awesome, because although you can get Daim here it's crazy expensive), but it contains crackers.

Yup, think versatile Salada (meal size, bite size, snack size). Or Huntley and Palmers creeeeeeeam crackers. Whatever. Crackers.

This recipe has been banging around the blogosphere for a while, so while weird it's not new. It is highly addictive, though, and folks love eating it.

It's also pretty quick and easy to make, although like most really tasty things is perhaps a touch high in calories.

The only catch with the recipe is watching that the sugar doesn't burn. If it starts to go brown, rather than deep amber, or if it starts to smell bitter at all you should remove it from the heat regardless of the stage its at.

Have you made anything with an unexpected or offbeat ingredient lately?

(recipe adapted from Baking = Love)

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