Thursday, October 29, 2015

My top 5 essential baking tools

This list was harder to compile than I expected it to be. We like to think we're towards the minimalist end of the scale, in that we prefer to keep things as clutter-free as possible... But I love baking and that brings with it a bunch of tools which, while not all essential, definitely help things along - and that means the kitchen is not really sticking with the clutter-free theme.

There are a few things that get more use than everything else, though, so here are my top five baking must-haves.

1. A bowl with a splashguard 

Mine is Tupperware and so was stupidly expensive (maybe $85?). So useful for mixing without spattering batter all over the room, or sending clouds of icing sugar through the atmosphere. Stand mixers often come with these but I haven't seen them elsewhere, which is unfortunate because it's so useful! Anyone in the bowl manufacturing business who could produce these for mass market?

2. Kitchen scales 

These are essential! Although the next item contradicts this a little, I prefer to weigh ingredients where I can: it's more accurate and reduces washing up. Digital definitely wins on precision, and they've got to be easy to clean. My set is a few years old and I can't see them on sale anywhere anymore, but these look good.

3. Measuring cups and spoons

For when you don't have weight measurements, or for liquids a good set of cups and spoons are pretty key.

My favourite measuring cups are this awesome Joseph Joseph set (includes a large bowl and a couple of other bits as well) - though I use pyrex jugs for larger liquid measures.

When it comes to measuring spoons, I have three sets, but the best are these basic plastic ones; they're easy to use and can be kept on the ring or separated very easily. 

4. A really good spatula 

My favourite for the last five years was a Tupperware one, but it's just given up the ghost so I've switched to another well-designed Joseph Joseph product, which works just as well but seems a bit hardier. I especially like that the Joseph Joseph one is strong enough to use to stir as well as scraping down the edges.

5. Electric beater

I don't have a stand mixer, but my handheld electric beater is very well used. Mine is a Breville similar to this (again, mine is quite old so the model I have is no longer made) and after nearly six years of thrashing the motor is beginning to sound a little sick, so I've been eyeing up snazzy new ones (maybe a coloured one? Or maybe I should get a stand mixer when it finally gives up?).

So tell me - what are your most used tools? And how do you keep kitchen clutter at bay?

Some links are via affiliate programmes, which means I may get a small commission if you purchase one of these products. I don't recommend products I don't use and love, though! 


  1. Definitely when you have a child, baking is so much better with a stand mixer.... You just set it going on creaming your butter & sugar for 10 minutes and then your hands are free to either get the rest of the ingredients ready (or to entertain the 'helper'). A stand mixer with a scraper beater is even better! While kitchenaid's are frightfully expensive, they do at least look beautiful on your benchtop

    1. Hmm, good tip! Perhaps I should start saving now. It might just be the finishing touch on my new kitchen bench. ;-)


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