Wednesday, December 9, 2015

12 Days of Christmas: Christmas tree rocky road

There's a bit of a link party going on among some local blogs - a 12 Days of Christmas collaboration. I am the official day 9 candidate (I'm still waiting to get my badge in the mail but I promise I'm legit) and am hereby offering you this decadent yet easy (and pretty) gift idea: Christmas tree rocky road.

Each of the bloggers in the collaboration is sharing a Christmas related post. Yesterday's was dorothy nada with some great gift-wrapping ideas (I'm a big fan of brown paper for gift wrapping so love her inspiration) - and the full list of blogs is at the bottom of this post so you can check them all out. 

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Secondly, you should know that although I occasionally venture into the territory of things that are weirdly complex, most of the time I am focused on getting maximum deliciousness for minimum effort. This rocky road is a prime example: very easy to throw together but will have the recipients raving for months to come.

The recipe is pretty mammoth, but it will make eight generous gifts for all those wonderful people who deserve to be celebrated at this time of year. Don't let the pictures fool you; these are pretty decent wedges of chocolatey goodness, weighing in at around 250g each. If you want to scale it back you can cut the recipe in half and use a 24cm cake tin to make smaller trees - you might want to use mini M&Ms if you go that way but otherwise the method will remain unchanged.

It's also very flexible - the quantities I've given work well but if you happen to have a little more or less of a given element it's all good. And if you want to put jubes in instead of Turkish delight, or change out the nuts that's sweet too. Options galore!

I like the efficiency of making trees out of a cake; it means very little waste, just enough to trim off around the edges so that you and yours can properly taste test before you give it all away. Although you might not want to give it away once you've tasted it so perhaps that's a bit risky.

Assuming we manage to restrain ourselves from eating them ourselves, some of these will be winging their way to daycare teachers, a couple to neighbours, and the remaining couple I'll hold aside as just-in-case gifts, because there's always someone I've forgotten.

If you're not a rocky road fan (if that's a thing - is it a thing?) I have a few other edible gift options here that might tickle your fancy: 

Will you be baking for gifts this year? What are you planning to make? And who's on your thank-you gift list?

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  1. I'm all about maximum deliciousness for minimum effort too, and these look amazing! I'd definitely like to give this a go, although I can guarantee that at least half of it wouldn't make it out our front door (no point pretending it's for gifts!)

    1. Thanks Robyn! I always secretly hope that the spare gifts won't be needed and that I can scoff them myself at the end. ;-)

  2. How long would this last? Like if I made these now, would they still be on at Christmas time?

    1. For sure - keep it in an airtight container once made, otherwise any exposed marshmallow might get quite sticky, but making now for Christmas should be fine. :-)

  3. These look so good Rosa! Great gift idea :) Thanks for taking part in the 12 Days of Christmas - A Blog Collaboration. Merry Christmas

  4. YUM what a perfect gift for my kids teachers!

    1. I'm hoping the Little Monkey's teachers like it! But who wouldn't right? ;-) Throw that much chocolate at anything and it's got to be good...


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