Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hi! I'm Mrs Cake.

Hi! My name is Rosa and I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I have only lived here for about four months (previously I lived in Christchurch, in the South Island of NZ) so I am still getting to know this city, and thought I'd share some of my foodie adventures with you!

I love baking and cooking, and especially eating (who doesn't!), and enjoy finding new recipes to try and eating out - and I thought a blog would be a fun way to a) record my escapades and b) share recipes, recommendations and ideas with others (hopefully getting some of these from any readers I pick up along the way as well!).

While I was studying, and living in a student flat with four boys, I earned the moniker "Mrs Cake" through my near-constant baking (a great form of stress relief!). Not that they complained when I asked them to help me dispose of the evidence, mind you!

So that's me. I hope this will be a fun journey, and I'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions, recommendations or comments for me!

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