Friday, April 2, 2010

Tempt Cupcakes

I am lucky enough to have a significant other who understands me very well - well enough that yesterday evening he came home with a little something special...

See, we've (and when I say we, I think I mainly mean I!) been meaning to try Tempt cupcakes for a while, since a friend told us about them and how amazing they are. So when I saw the box I was pretty excited. But it gets better:

We had a friend staying - not that I would have minded having two for myself! ;-) Of course, what's inside is even more exciting...

The one on the left is an Easter egg cupcake - it has a little chocolate Easter egg on top and is chocolate with chocolate and more chocolate - fits the theme pretty well, I thought! The middle one is black forest flavour, and the one on the right is raspberry and white chocolate.

We democratically divided all three into thirds so we could try them all. The Easter egg one was nice, but not amazing - the cake wasn't that moist, though the icing was very tasty. The black forest one was lovely - moist chocolatey cake with a delicious pile of ganache on top and a plum filling. Mr Cake thought this one was the best - but my favourite (and our guest sided with me) was the white chocolate and raspberry one. The cake was amazingly moist and rich, with some fruit in the top of the cake part, then white chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries glazed on top. I wish I'd taken better photos - I'll have to work on that - maybe with another set of cupcakes, methinks!

Tempt cupcakes is located in The Old Bank Arcade, 233 Lambton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand,


  1. Love it!
    As soon as i saw the raspberry one i knew that one would be the best!Next time i'm in welly i'll be sure to look them up and indulge!
    And as my brother in law lives in welly i think i'll see if i can get one sent to his work for his birthday.
    Love the blog too.

  2. Thanks! I'll totally cupcake with you when you visit if you want - any excuse!

    When are you going to create a blog for all your amazing recipes? ;-)

  3. Dividing three cakes into three equal portions isn't democracy. It seems more like something from the workers paradise to me...

  4. Surely when compared with say, me telling everyone which one they get it's democratic - I suppose really we should all have voted on the best way to divide or distribute the cupcakes and let the majority rule. Could be tricky to get a majority vote with only three voters, though - especially if all of them want all the cupcakes!

  5. Hehehheeh Rosa has a blog!! Must follow - and Yummy! Will have to try the cupcakes when in Wellington (around Wearable Arts season)
    -Beaulah (and Weili)

  6. You will definitely have to try them! Are you coming up to go to WoW? Definitely well worth while if you are - and it will be great to see you two as well (though doubtless we'll catch up before then, we'll be in Christchurch at the end of the month for graduation).


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