Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Graduation Brunch at Drexels

On the morning of our graduation we were invited to brunch at Drexels by a uni friend - and do I ever turn down a meal out? I do not!

I'd never eaten at Drexels before but know plenty of people who think it's pretty good, so was looking forward to it. I knew I'd be eating a lot for dinner, so even though brunch wasn't until 10.45 I decided I'd better forego breakfast and make it a two-meal day - still probably ate too much overall, though!

They brought out toast for the table, which was pretty cool - I wasn't expecting that!

I was tempted to order the orange french toast topped with peaches, but that was Mr Cake's choice so I let him have it (I know I'd get to share anyway - I usually won't order the same as him since if I do I only get to try one dish!). The toast is sold by the piece (about $7 a piece, I think, Mr Cake had two), which is cool, because you can choose to have, say one bit of french toast and one pancake - unfortunately I obviously didn't have my smart hat on because I didn't even think of doing that when I ordered - I guess I could have tried four different things if we'd been more creative!

The toast was infused with orange, which was not super zingy but added a nice extra flavour. The bread was thick and spongy and delicious - and I love fruit with my french toast so I liked the peaches too. It was a pretty big plate - Mr Cake couldn't finish it which was fairly surprising. He had already had breakfast and morning tea but still...

I chose blueberry pancakes (2, again about $7 each) and real maple syrup and yoghurt, which were a couple of dollars each extra (you could have fake maple syrup for no extra but I really don't like it - yes, I'm a maple syrup snob, definitely) but well worthwhile. They were pretty good - again, massive, soft and lovely when smothered in maple syrup and yoghurt. ;-)

The best part, though, had to be catching up with friends. Tasty food is just a bonus!

Drexels Breakfast Restaurant is located on Rotherham Street, Christchurch (there's also one in central Christchurch), ph 03 343 3403


  1. Wow I can't believe you'd never eaten at Drexels before! I love that place, it's been around forever.

    And yeah, I can't stand the fake maple syrup. Mum made me pancakes once (well she makes pancakes all the time, but this time in particular), and I must admit I was quite rude about them. "Why do they taste weird?" I asked. "Did you cook these in margarine?" "No, I cooked them in butter". I looked at the pack and it was butter *spread* - ie 50% olive oil. Yuck. Then I put maple syrup on them. "Yuck, what is this stuff?"

    She'd bought the stuff from the supermarket called "Canadian syrup". It has a tiny bit of maple syrup in it, and the rest is sugar and artificial ingredients. She hadn't twigged that since it was half the price of maple syrup, maybe it wasn't the real thing. Worst pancakes EVER.

  2. Oh dear! That sounds awful! They can be pretty tricksy with the maple 'flavoured' syrup, though, writing the 'flavoured' bit in tiny tiny letters.

    I am a bit surprised it has taken me this long to get to Drexels, too, because people have been telling me about it for years - oh well, better late than never. ;-)


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