Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Ultimate Custard Square Hunt - Denheath Custard Squares

Controversial, possibly, but I think they're delicious, and haven't had one for ages so had to find an excuse to sample one for my blog. ;-)

Denheath is a company based in Timaru in the South Island - originally it was based in a little town called Pleasant Point, which is not too far from Timaru, but they proved too popular and the operation was scaled up.

They actually have a bit of a range, but for today I'll just tell you about the standard custard square, which is all we had this time (sadly). They sell direct from their website, and also into lots of cafes across New Zealand (although I'm yet to find a cafe in Wellington that sells them - but I know all the good Christchurch spots so managed to seek one out last weekend).

The controversial part of these delectable treats is that filling is light and fluffy - like a custard mousse or something! So some people (including some of you!) consider them to be imposters, posing as custard squares. Well, I do like a good, traditional custard square - but I also happen to think these are absolutely delicious. I love the light, fluffy filling - it makes them very desserty, these have to be eaten with a fork or spoon - and the coconut on top adds another dimension to the delicious vanilla icing.

I give the Denheath custard square a generous 9/10 - it's close enough to custard to convince me, utterly delicious, and has all that delicious coconut on top. What's not to like? ;-)

Who can give me suggestions of where to get my next custard square from?

Denheath custard squares are available from or from various retailers around New Zealand - see the website for details. Coffee Culture stores (mainly in Christchurch) often stock them.

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