Friday, May 21, 2010

Giant Afghan from Enigma

I am in the midst of an awful sniffly cold at the moment - hopefully a lazy sleep-in tomorrow will help put that to rest but in the last few days I haven't been feeling much like doing much baking and suchlike. But, heading home from work this afternoon (an awful, blustery, cold southerly day in Wellington) I felt like a little pick-me-up - and there's a certain cafe pretty much on my way home (okay, I don't normally walk past it but it's a more sheltered route on a day like today!) I happen to know has lots of tasty treats in their cabinet.

Everything looks luscious and the portions are generous and the prices reasonable. I had my sights set on an afghan - I've enjoyed these before, and at $3 for an enormous cookie it's a pretty good deal. I've also tried the risotto ball ($6), and really enjoyed that. My colleagues love the coffee here - but I don't drink coffee so can't comment on that myself. ;-)

The afghan is absolutely huge - Mr Cake and I shared and both had plenty of biscuit. I'd say this is probably equivalent to about four of the ones I made. It's a pretty tasty biscuit, with the lovely crumbly texture, though it is lacking in cornflake - and the icing doesn't have anything on the "Ladies, a Plate" recipe I used when I baked mine last week. All in all, though, a pretty good dessert for two for $3! And a perfect way to finish a looong week in the office.

Enigma is located at 128-130 Courtenay Place, Wellington, ph 04 385 2905


  1. I got "Ladies, A Plate" for my birthday!

  2. That's fantastic! So we'll be seeing some tasty treats on your blog, soon, then?


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