Monday, January 31, 2011

Tart, Sumner, Christchurch

It is a given that when one has free time on holiday and the opportunity to catch up with friends over lunch presents itself, one will sieze it! Even better when the friend is also a discerning foodie and can make great cafe recommendations.

The cafe of choice for a lazy lunch in the sun was Tart, located in Sumner with plenty of outdoor seating for lapping up the rays (not that lapping up the rays is something I should ever do, with my very fair skin - as evidenced by sunburnt arms that are still a bit red, a month after the fact) (and I am appalled that it has taken me a whole month to write about it, but then I would hardly be able to shock you with my still-red arms otherwise, would I?).

There's a tree in the patio area pointing to Taylors Mistake, New Brighton, and the cafe - this sign curiously labelled "nothingsallowedexceptonfeet," perhaps to deter the ever-present cyclists from bringing their bikes in?

The cabinet is full of salads, sandwiches, slices and other tasty looking treats, and the menu also has appeal, and I'm tempted by the pancakes but after a pleasantly exhausting gym class the pies in the cabinet win me over - perhaps I should stay virtuous and have a salad, but that's just not how I roll. ;-)

My friend had the amazing-looking vegetable roll - like a sausage roll (and they do also have sausage rolls), but filled with a mixture of beans and other vegetables to make a savoury filling. It was wolfed down and the tangy relish served alongside made a great accompaniment - I think this is a great vegetarian dish, hearty and indulgent. My pie was also great - with a well spiced lamb filling and very buttery pastry, it definitely hit the spot.

We got caught up chatting and before we knew it I was beginning to get a bit too pink and we decided we'd best depart - but it's a lovely location for a drawn-out lunch in the sun, with a wide array of cafe treats (not too well represented by us!) and I will look for another opportunity to pay it a visit - though perhaps with sunscreen next time! I find I will get burnt once per summer - and then I remember how easily I burn, and how painful it is. Are you good at remembering to slather on the SPF35+, or are you like me and just a teeny bit forgetful?

Tart is located at 25 Marriner Street, Sumner, Christchurch, ph 03 326 711

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