Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Rocky Road

On Monday my office had an Easter bake-off. We've had a couple of bake-offs this year, and it's quite fun - full participation is not necessary but a bit of healthy competitive spirit makes for fun office banter in the days leading up to the event - not to mention a great morning tea on the day itself.

On Sunday afternoon I was feeling particularly lazy and uninspired, when I recalled the magic of rocky road. So if you want to make people happy on Sunday and haven't figured out yet, this is your easy key to success. And apparently the key to winning a giant bunny (well, it worked for me). 

This is less a recipe than a method, and my rule of thumb is: 
  • chocolate to bind
  • something chewy (Turkish delight, caramels)
  • something squidgy (usually marshmallow)
  • something crunchy (I tend towards nuts, with a strong preference for almonds)
I used all the ingredients above (well, only a handful of the almonds) - the white chocolate was to drizzle on top. 

Then you melt the chocolate, chop up every thing else, stir everything through the chocolate, and set it in a pan. So easy - and yet so good. I Easterified my rocky road by using marshmallow eggs instead of marshmallows, and I also put caramel filled eggs on top. Hint: for extra decadent looking rocky road, save some of your add-ins to sprinkle on top. 

I made my rocky road in brownie pans, and it goes a pretty long way - or at least, there was enough for people to have seconds and thirds. ;-) Once it's set just cut it into squares or break into chunks - it might not be pretty, but taste overcomes that.

Credit goes to my workmate Fraser for these pretty photos - and also to colleagues Sarah and Stacey who made amazingly pretty Easter treats - check out Stacey's fantastic cookies: 

(Sarah made gorgeous cupcakes with coconut nests on top, each with a couple of wee eggs inside - adorable!)

I'm heading for a quiet Easter weekend with lots of reading and hopefully lots of chocolate - do you have any plans for over the break, or are you, like me, looking forward to some R&R? 


  1. from the photo it does look pretty though!

    Happy Easter!


  2. Oh Yum ,yum, yum. I read recently that sugar is really bad for exzema (which is a problem I have). Should i believe everything I read? Oh this looks so tempting.

    Can you ask Stacey if she is ex Rotorua? If so,I know her Mum!


  3. Wow! Looks gorgeous Rosa. I'm a sucker for anything with turkish delight... so turkish delight stuck to other things with chocolate is truly a holy grail :)

  4. Hi Rosa & Happy Easter :) Love your rocky road...nuts & caramel & marshmallow all make chocolate even better.

  5. Yum! That looks so amazing. So tempted to make some this weekend :-)

  6. Wow. That looks like the perfect Rocky Road. Can't wait to try it.

  7. Oh yum - totally the best Rocky Road I've seen in a long while.

  8. Why DO marshmallow eggs taste so good? Normal marshmallow things leave me cold, but there's something about those big eggs with the orange 'yolks' that I can't say no to. This looks utterly addictive - what lucky workmates you have!

  9. Thanks everyone!

    Ali, sorry, must be a different Stacey. :-)

    The KitchenMaid - I know, and they're not really that good (i.e. no discernable quality) but somehow the parts combine to greatness! Bohemien did marshmallow chocolate eggs which were truly great this year, though. ;-) (no yellow yolk, but more chocolate, which definitely wins me over)

  10. This looks so decadent and delicious! I want a piece right now, those cookies look yummy too. I'll definitely be adapting your method.


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