Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lovely little cakes from J'aime les Macarons

I've long been a fan of J'aime les Macarons - they definitely win at macarons. I'm yet to have any other macarons as good in New Zealand - and I have tried plenty. They featured on our wedding dessert table, and we try to make them appear at as many special occasions as we can (especially as a few family members can't have gluten, and macarons are gluten free). They're not limited to Cantabrians, either - they have stockists around the country, including Kirkcaldie & Stains in Wellington.

A few years ago they expanded their repertoire to include exquisite little cakes, and I'd be lying if I claimed this was the first time I'd tried them but just for you guys (ha!) we went there over the weekend (while in Christchurch for a wedding) to pick up a few to review (unfortunately these ones are only available in Christchurch).

From left; strawberry and vanilla layer cake; chocolate caramel tart; peach dome;
chocolate caramel layer cake; rhubarb, raspberry and pistachio Alaska

The chocolate caramel tart took my heart - it's incredibly rich so if that's not you then maybe go for one of the fruitier options. But if gooey caramel and rich, dark chocolate topped with crunchy chocolate pearls sounds appealing then we are kindred spirits and you should pop down to The Colombo at your earliest convenience and try one.

The mini baked Alaska is also pretty awesome, with flavourfully fruity raspberry mousseline and rhubarb compote hidden inside. I am a fan of all things textural, so I am always pleased to dig into a treat like this and discover layers of differing deliciousness inside.

They were all delicious, but the Alaska cake and the two chocolatey ones were definitely my picks of the five we tried. The range is changing all the time, but those three seem to be part of the core range, so maybe the classics trump the seasonal offerings... Or maybe my bias for chocolate is getting in the way of the sweet summer cakes. At any rate, none will disappoint.

Have you had any amazing cakes recently? And have you tried J'aime les Macarons' treats? 

J'aime les Macarons is located in The Colombo, 363 Colombo Street, Christchurch. Macarons are available from a number of other stockists throughout New Zealand and to order online from the website,

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